Breaking into PM (Optional) - ProductTank Tokyo Panel Discussion



Product Tank Tokyo is excited to announce our newest Panel Discussion.

Ever wanted to learn how to get into product management, or what traits product managers are looking for when hiring?

The theme is product firsts

  • discussions around your first product role
  • tips for new product people,
  • tips for starting a leadership role

Through this panel discussion we are hoping to show that while there are many skills that make up the Product Management profession, each person can bring a unique angle to the table. As a result, we contribute to the development of solutions in different ways, but all with the shared goal of the betterment of the user’s life.

We have gathered three panel participants, that would like to take the opportunity to highlight their personal experiences. The conversation will be themed around such experience, and how it contributed to their current professional roles.

All three participants are from a business background, and so they would bring different perspectives to the table than someone who became a product manager from software engineering for example.Todd has also studied Anthropology academically and has brought his humanities education to his profession.