Challenge FAQ

We will keep updating it so please keep checking


  1. Can we use it as a potential interview tool with the leads? Since some of us are looking for a new role with PayPay/Mercari/Rakuten.
  2. Although not officially, your performance in this challenge can definitely be used as a trigger for potential job opportunities at these companies. After the camp is over, we will try to create a process to apply to these companies. Please also feel free to use your project in your portfolio or resume

  3. Do we have to write a PRD?
  4. PRD (Product Requirement Document) is not required. But you can learn more about it here

  5. Do we need to come up with datas to support the demand when building certain features?
  6. It would be helpful to do some user research, competitor analysis or general research to back up your function justification

  7. What are the final deliverables expected for the challenges? Wireframes, presentation, etc.?
  8. You will have to pitch a 10-15 min final presentation, explain your problem statement, research and analysis, solution, wireframes, mvp prototype or demo and metrics and also marketing/sales strategy (if applicable). Also share some user feedback on the MVP if you got any.

    Wireframes will be essential in your presentation, but they don’t need to be very high fidelity, but should be able to explain your solution in a clear manner.

  9. How should we plan the upcoming weeks?
  10. The final presentations will be in the last week of september, so you have about 5 weeks to solve the challenge and present

    Here is a brief timeline to keep you on track

    1. Week 1 → Problem Identification + User Research
    2. Week 2 → Brainstorming and finalizing solutions
    3. Week 3 → Wireframing and Prototyping MVP
    4. Week 4 → Defining Metrics, Go-to Market Strategy, User Testing
    5. Week 5 → Create Presentation, Get User Feedback, Practice, Practice, Practice + last minute fixes


  1. What do I do if my teammates dont respond?
  2. Please try reaching out to them via email/LinkedIn. If they do not respond to you within 2-3 days, then please contact your JPC Rep privately.

  1. What is a mentor’s role?
  2. Your mentor should meet your team atleast once a week to make sure that you are on the right track, help you plan your schedule and answer any questions that you may have. They can also help in giving ideas, brainstorming or resources. Please try to make best use of their time.

  3. What do I do if my mentor doesnt respond?
  4. Mentors may be busy or not be active on slack. Please reach out to them via email/LinkedIn (in an appropriate manner), but if they dont respond, then please contact your JPC Rep privately.

  5. It was hard to speak in the team and it didn't feel like a safe space. since i had the least amount of experience, i felt like my views and opinions were not valued and thus i hesistated in speaking and it was quite uncomfortable and difficult to express my thoughts. Im unsure on how to overcome this.
  6. We are very sorry to hear this. We want JPC to be a safe space. We urge all team members to be kind to each other and make sure everyone gets an equal chance to speak and be heard.

    For the more experienced ones

    If you believe you are a bit more experiences than others in your team, please act as a team guide, and encourage others to contribute.

    For the ones who are having this problem

    You are chosen at JPC because you have a unique set of skills and passion, same as everyone else. We believe in you 😇 We urge you to use this as an opportunity for personal growth and slowly develop the self confidence to raise you ideas.

    If you believe that you are not being treated well in your team, or there are team conflicts, then please contact your JPC Rep privately. We ill try our best to help you!

  1. What if a team member is a not contributing equally or ‘free riding’?
  2. We expect all participants of the cohort to respect their team’s time and efforts and have integrity in the team activities.

    We will have a mid term peer review to check on this. If we feel that someone is not holding their end of the deal, we may exclude them from other JPC activities like 1:1 mentorship, and job search or challenge pitch.

    Additionally if we get really negative feedback, we may have to consider a removal from the camp. Sorry for the strictness, but its to be fair to all the participants, instructors and organizers who are spending their time and efforts to make JPC happen.