Tanmay Goel's Homebase
Tanmay Goel's Homebase

Tanmay Goel's Homebase

Hi! I am Tanmay.

Builder, dreamer and problem solver with a diverse background šŸŒ

I am passionate about creating products that help the world heal, and inspiring others to join the same path.


I am a full time Product Manager at Rakuten Travel

I am also a Pro Bono Product Manager at mymizu and emoneeds

Here is my resume,

Tanmay Goel Resume.pdf174.9KB

Say Hi! šŸ‘‹šŸ¼

Feel free to reach out to me on any of these platforms šŸ˜‡

āœ‰ļø : tanmaygoel3@gmail.com


Things I do when Iā€™m not sleeping