My Articles about PM

My Articles about PM

In my free time, I love writing about Product Management and promoting it as a career among my network.

I personally believe it is one of the most exciting roles that keeps you in the core of technology as well as business, and keeps you stimulated both creatively and analytically.

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Wanna know how I got into Product Management?

After that, let me clear some of your common misconceptions about Product Management!

Now you have a better understanding of what Product Management is not, lets dive into what exactly it IS!

Now let's dive deep into what skills you need to actually excel at this role! (Read it in order)

  1. The intersection between Effective Communication x User Empathy - Analytics, User Testing and Storytelling/Evangelizing

2.The intersection between Product Vision x User Empathy - Prioritization, UX & Design, Passion

3. The intersection between Effective Communication x Product Vision - Leadership, Documentation, Project Management

Curious about PM life at Big Tech vs Startups?

Need more reasons on why you should become a PM?

Finally, if you are ready to start this adventure

Here is a bonus article about how to make the best use of your first 2 years at your new career

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Please expect some more interesting posts soon, about

  • Day in the life of a Product Manager (in general and in Japan)
  • Some die-hard PM tools I cant live without
  • How to apply and prepare for a PM interview
  • The importance of side projects as a PM
  • Tech in Japan