Twitter/LinkedIn Accounts for PMs

Twitter/LinkedIn Accounts for PMs

@johncutlefish - deep thinker, contrarian to typical frameworks, amazing articles (the messy middle) and great visual storyteller on product

@shl - fenomenal, practical, succinct advice on product, and founding and building companies.

@shreyas - experienced product leader sharing in depth lessons from his time at Stripe, Twitter, Google and Yahoo. Deep threads

@jackiebo - author of “Cracking the PM interview” and the PM Career. Super practical career advice on product

@lissijean - author of “Escaping the build trap”, one of my recommendations to get started on product. Her podcast is top notch


@suhail - Founder of MixPanel and Mighty, doing a lot of building in public, with honest and straightforward product threads

@lennysan - former Airbnb Lead PM, now writing some of the best PM content online in his substack newsletter

@cagan - founder of SVPG and author or Inspired & Empowered. Let’s be honest: every single PM started by learning from him

@nireyal - author of Hooked, producing content between psychology and growth. Awesome to learn how your users behave

Julie Zhou

@joulee - former VP design at Facebook. Perfect to learn how to deal and work alongside design, and to step up as a manager

@ttorres - author of “Continuous Discovery Habits”, content to get your discovery process in shape

@kennethn - Bring the donuts author, one of the best product blogs out there

@joshelman - someone with a product Midas touch. From Linkedin to Robinhood. Amazing content bridging venture, founders and product

@andrewchen - “the” person to follow on growth. Former Uber growth leader, now A16Z, writing in depth essays on how products generate growth