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Hi everyone, I’m Tomo, a creative designer & educator. Currently working as a freelance consultant on projects in the healthcare and gaming/web3 space. I’m also still a student, and have been immersed in design thinking through my time at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Germany and being designated a Fellow by Stanford d.school in 2020. Looking forward to getting to know you all and learning more about your exciting starts to your Product journey.

Pre-Session Materials

ABC Nightline - IDEO Shopping Cart (*mandatory pre-work)

A warm embrace that saves lives - Jane Chen

Field Observations with Fresh Eyes | Stanford eCorner

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Post-Session Materials

Design means many things to many people — from a well-crafted “designer” purse to the “designer” who made it. There are many ways to solve problems and identify challenges. Design can give you new tools and skills to tackle your projects from a different perspective.

In the following short video, you will hear from Jill Vialet, social entrepreneur and educator. She’ll share some ideas about how design works for her. Jill founded several companies and nonprofits that focus on learning and schools. One of them, Substantial, works with school principals to help substitute teachers do their best work.


You may have noticed that Jill is mindful of her design work, but she doesn’t stick to a predefined course of action. She allows the path of her process to emerge based on what she is learning from the work along the way.

I put together some resources I have used for my own learnings and that have helped me in my journey.

Empathy and Problem



Design Thinking in General