Sales, Monetization and Marketing

Message from Ed

I’m excited to teach this session covering Business and Marketing Strategy for PM’s

We will cover basic tenets such as the customer journey, path-to-purchase, along with the impact of pricing in the marketing funnel. In particular, we will look at Business Models vs Revenue Models, the distinction between Profit vs Revenue, and selecting priorities for Short-term / Long-term Monetization.In addition, we will explore how these elements work together in contributing to overall product positioning and ways to achieve long-term competitive advantage.

If anyone needs a refresher on marketing and business concepts, please join my free online academy where I cover many of those topics.

Concept Design / ACADEMY / : https://pxle.me/ProductCamp

You can also ask any questions on any of the articles where you would like more information, or wonder how it might apply to a particular issue you are tackling.

Pre-Session Materials

All participants will gain access to my free online platform for marketing.  They are welcome to sign-up at the following link:

Concept Design / ACADEMY / : https://pxle.me/ProductCamp

I will cover a range of concepts during my session such as the ones below.  Participants are welcome to read those ahead of time and any other topics on the site.


Session Materials

Post-Session Materials